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Gordon J. Bernhardt, President and Founder

Phone: 703-356-4380


I believe in building high trust relationships.


When I work with you, I:

  • Genuinely care

  • Create a foundation for our relationship, and I stand with you from the very beginning and as it grows

  • Give you my undivided attention when I am with you and listen generously to what is important to you

  • Gain an understanding of your goals, values, and concerns

  • Do what I say I’m going to do when I say I will do it, and get back to you in a timely manner

  • Act in your best interests, always, because being a fiduciary is important to me

  • Make myself available to you when other members of my team are unavailable

  • Do not pretend to know the answers to every question, and work with both team members and strategic partners to answer any question you have

  • Introduce you to trusted professionals when their expertise is needed to help you achieve what is important to you or when outside expertise is needed

 As a firm, we:

  • Maintain a culture consistent with our four core values of Character, Chemistry, Caring, and Competence

  • Pride ourselves on having the utmost integrity. Rest assured, you can count on each and every one of us to keep our word

  • Do the right thing for you 100% of the time, and guide you to the right solutions, even if they have no financial impact or don’t serve us directly

I’m Gordon Bernhardt, Master of Connecting Great People and CEO of Bernhardt Wealth Management. We help you make smart decisions with your money.


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Timothy S. Koehl, Principal

Phone: 703-356-4380


I believe in fully supporting the causes, issues and challenges that are important to your financial well-being.

When I work with you, I:

  • Listen to your needs with sincerity and a desire to understand

  • Continue to confirm what is important to you throughout our ongoing relationship

  • Commit to being responsive and reassure you we are here whenever you need us

  • Consider it an honor to be an integral part of your planning process and strive to find better ways to meet your needs

  • Share concepts in a manner that is clear and makes sense to you

  • Follow up with you regularly to discover what’s changed and identify new or shifting priorities.

In my role as an owner, principal, and advisor, I:

  • Work to foster good communication, anticipate challenges, and keep the team working to support clients in the best way possible

I’m Tim Koehl, Master of Meaningful Client Relationships and Principal of Bernhardt Wealth Management. I work hard to fully understand and fulfill my client’s dreams.


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Solon Vlasto, Principal


Phone: 703-356-4380


I believe in developing trusting relationships, both with clients and other professional partners, ensuring you are in competent hands.

When I work with you, I:

  • Sincerely care and think about you in terms of what I would want for myself and my family

  • Listen to completely understand your situation, spend a great deal of energy determining how best I can help you, and then partner with you in making valuable financial decisions

  • Am approachable, non-judgmental and authentic—I will be very direct when you want or need me to be

  • Make it a point to be wholly reliable, extremely responsive, and never leave you wondering

  • Take complicated concepts and make them clear while taking full responsibility for your experiences and outcomes

  • Constantly review new techniques and financial planning ideas to continually provide the right, and best solutions

  • Am always on the lookout for issues or concerns you haven’t considered

In my role as an owner, principal, and advisor, I:

  • Remain conscious and intentional about optimizing our clients’ experiences, down to the details

  • Maintain a long-term commitment to the entire team’s performance and to maximizing our impact on clients

I’m Solon Vlasto, Master of Putting Myself in Your Shoes and Principal of Bernhardt Wealth Management. I help you navigate complex financial situations to ensure you take advantage of all that’s available to you.

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Bonnie Maingault
Director of Operations

Phone: 703-356-4380


I believe in contributing and making a difference in causes I believe in and that my vocation is an expression of my faith. 

When I work with you, I:

  • Devote myself to ensuring things are done completely and in the right way

  • View every moment as an opportunity to have a positive impact

  • Clarify everything, because I want to execute things flawlessly and avoid errors

  • Commit to excellence and fiercely question and challenge current policies and procedures to create the best path, plan or process

  • Ensure we follow optimized processes and view those methods as my way to provide maximum impact and maintain trusting relationships

  • Maintain sense of right and wrong and ensure you get what’s right

  • Remain a lifelong learner and expand my knowledge for the betterment of the firm and our clients

In my role as an owner, I:

  • Am passionate about advocating for clients, for the firm, and for the industry

  • Operate as a change agent and I am not afraid to trumpet a message or support a movement

I attended the Executive Leadership Coaching Program at Townsend Institute, and hold a Certified Financial Planning (CFP®) certification from Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies/Center for Continuing and Professional Education. I am committed to keep learning new ways to improve my skills to better serve our clients and team.


I live each day as if it is my last. If there I have any regret, especially within a relationship, I do my best to rectify it immediately. I truly believe each day is a gift and nothing is guaranteed, so I live fully with intension. Considering this philosophy, you might be surprised to learn that one of my bucket list items is to have my funeral or memorial service while I am alive. My pastor says he will help make that happen.


I like to spend much of my spare time working for the causes closest to my heart. I feel doing this is my vocation and an expression of my faith. I am particularly passionate about the pain of domestic violence, so I volunteer to help educate and empower women to build a new life. Every new day is a gift for which I am grateful. I often enjoy those days reading, traveling, dabbling in photography and even stretching my creativity as an AFO (Adult Fan of Lego)!

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Jordan Rubin
Advisor CFA, CFP®

Phone: 703-356-4380

I believe in fostering trusting relationships.


When I work with you, I:

  • Prioritize taking care of you and your loved ones, and fine-tune the details from there

  • Learn about your values and goals to better understand your individual situation

  • Identify the best person to meet your needs, whether that is me or one of my peers

  • Maintain open communication, manage expectations, and set financial goals

  • Research and present the best options, knowing that the decisions you make will have a lasting impact

  • Foster a relationship with you that grows and evolves

  • Always ask what more I can do to support you and remain grateful that you trust me with this responsibility

​In my role as an advisor, I:

  • Maintain open channels of communication to anticipate client needs

  • Provide advice tailored to the unique circumstances of each client

I’m Jordan Rubin, Master of Trusting Partnerships and Advisor at Bernhardt Wealth Management. I work hard to get you the best result.

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Carol Dreistadt
Client Service Associate I

Phone: 703-356-4380

I believe in doing things in the most efficient and effective way.

When I work with you, I:

  • Examine how things are currently being done and what systems or tools we are working with

  • Look for areas of improvement – maybe cutting or even adding steps – and explore options to move you forward quickly

  • Make sure we keep track of everything so our work becomes legacy and ensures the next person benefits and will not have to backtrack

  • Seek feedback from you as I want to make sure you feel it’s working the way you were hoping for

  • Always strive to exceed your expectations

I'm Carol Dreistadt, Master of Great Experiences and Client Service Associate I at Bernhardt Wealth Management.

With a love for all things art and design, I spend much of my free time immersed in creativity – everything from drawing to knitting. But don’t be fooled by my “stay calm and carry on,” demeanor. I am also very proud of my ability to handle a manual transmission and hope to one day drive a Formula One race car!


Evan L. McCullers
Client Services Associate II

Phone: 703-356-4380


I believe in working together to find solutions that make a lasting impact.

When I work with you, I:

  • I believe in working together to find solutions that make a lasting impact.

  • Welcome open, honest communication and am genuinely interested in how I can serve you

  • Tirelessly pursue tailored solutions that work best for you

  • Discover ways I can impact you and actively seek out opportunities to do so

  • Prioritize your needs and concerns over my own and treat you as I would want to be treated

  • Strive to bring a smile to your face and brighten your day

  • Am there when you need me

I’m Evan McCullers, Master of Finding Workable Solutions and Client Services Associate at Bernhardt Wealth Management.

I grew up on a farm in central Alabama, where I learned valuable lessons that still guide me today. As a problem-solver, I am constantly seeking ways to improve, both personally and professionally.


My success comes from the ability and willingness to not only overcome adversity, but embrace it and emerge from it even better. Outside is where I find the most joy: running, camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, you name it—even heli-skiing in Alaska, which is currently on my bucket list. And if you have a recipe to recommend, please send it my way.


Blake Willis
Client Service Associate II

Phone: 703-356-4380
I believe in doing things the right and the best way.

When I work with you, I:

  •  Examine the current processes, systems and tools being utilized

  •  Look for areas of improvement – such as cutting or adding steps – and explore options to

  • move you forward quickly

  •  Keep track of every detail and create a legacy of the work done on your behalf for better

  • efficiency and transparency

  •  Seek your feedback to ensure everything is working the way you expect

  •  Always strive to exceed your expectations

I'm Blake Willis, Master of Detail & Client Service Associate at Bernhardt Wealth Management.

A fanatic of extreme sports from the beginning, I started skateboarding and snowboarding at age three, followed soon after with surfing and mountain biking. So, it’s no wonder I still spend most of my free time outdoors hiking, fishing, hunting, or playing basketball, lacrosse, tennis and golf. If I ever get the chance to pet a live lion or tiger, I think I’d do a backflip for joy – something I can actually do on almost any surface!

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Alishia DuBois
Associate Advisor, CFP®

Phone: 703-356-4380
I believe in making a positive impact in your life.

When I work with you, I:

  •  Ask you to tell me about yourself in order to learn what makes you, wholly YOU

  •  Discuss your goals and how I can help you reach them

  •  Determine if we are a fit; and if not, do everything I can to help guide you towards the right guidance

  •  Remain candid and vulnerable with you as a pathway to genuine connection

  •  Continually build trust and foster our relationship over time

  •  Celebrate your successes and remain by your side throughout challenges

In my role as an advisor, I:

  •  Communicate with clients in ways that are both understood and valued

  •  Deliver relevant recommendations in a collaborative manner; ensuring a client’s needs, values and input are taken into account

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