Congress Must Force Stress Test On Robinhood And Similar Apps

Forbes (02/10/2021)
Gordon Bernhardt explained that short-selling “does have a purpose in the investment markets,” however he “does not use [it] for any client” and believes it is not “a winning strategy for the long-term investor.”

Bernhardt Wealth Management Included on 2020 Top Registered Investment Advisor List

Financial Advisor (08/01/2020)
Bernhardt Wealth Management continues to hold a spot among the top RIAs in the country. “We owe our growth and continued success to our clients and their ongoing trust in our partnership,” explained Gordon Bernhardt.

Gordon J. Bernhardt Awarded 2020 Executive C.H.A.R.M. Award

April Fooleries Periodical (04/01/2020)
Our very own CEO, Gordon Bernhardt was recently surprised at his home during the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders with recognition for his commitment to Captivating. Humor. And. Respectable. Mockery. “I always knew he was good for a laugh, but honestly, I never imagined he would achieve status,” quipped an employee of Bernhardt Wealth Management who wished to remain anonymous.”

10 years of profiling sacrifice, sadness, and success

Inside NOVA (12/17/2019)
At the recent Profiles in Success Celebration event, Gordon Bernhardt describes his purpose behind the nearly 15 book volumes and 600 plus interviews with business leaders throughout the Washington D.C. area, "We all have our own Profile which can inspire one, 100, or 1,000 people to have a better and richer life.”

Gordon J. Bernhardt Awarded 2019 Vistage Lifetime Achievement Award

Yahoo!Finance (09/19/2019)
Bernhardt is recognized by the world's leading CEO peer-advisory organization for his stand-out leadership and exceptional impact on a community of business executives.

Bernhardt Wealth Management Celebrates 25th Anniversary With Top Advisor Recognition

Yahoo!Finance (09/12/2019)
This summer was a season of celebrations for Bernhardt Wealth Management. A quarter century of serving the Washington D.C. area has resulted in positive growth and valued long-term relationships.

Bernhardt Wealth Management's Gordon Bernhardt Participates in Essential Dialogue

Markets Insider (11/15/2018)
Gordon Bernhardt was among a group of leading fiduciary planners who convened to craft a guide for consumers and clarify and confusion regarding the differences between a broker and an advisor based on the SEC's Reg BI.

Virginia-based Bernhardt Wealth Management Recognized as Top Investment Advisor

Financial Advisor (07/01/2017)
Bernhardt Wealth Management was proudly named to Financial Advisor magazine’s list of Top Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs). This national survey ranks RIAs by total assets under management.

5 Ways to Break Out of an Investment Rut in 2017

US News & World Report (01/03/2017)
Gordon Bernhardt suggests, “Rebalance with a purpose.” Periodically rebalancing your portfolio can help to correct investments that have steered off course, but it’s important to consider the bigger picture in terms of risk.

10 Tips to Level the Field Between Retirement and Investment

US News & World Report (05/10/2016)
Timothy S. Koehl, director of financial planning at Bernhardt Wealth Management, explains the importance of a diversified portfolio that has a better balance of risk versus return.

How to Retire Without a 401(k)

US News & World Report (04/22/2016)
When picking a retirement strategy, entrepreneur’s have several options, explains Gordon Bernhardt. However, for employees who don’t have a 401(k), there are fewer choices – but save into an IRA or Roth IRA.

Why It’s Bad for Investors to Wait Until April to Fund Their IRA?

The Street (03/31/2016)
Gordon Bernhardt explains that funding a contribution on January 1 every year means the funding has 15.5 months to “work for the investor” compared to people who wait until April 15.

A Growing Fiduciary Concern: Have “State-of-the-art” Investment Menus Backfired?

Fiduciary News (09/01/2015)
Gordon Bernhardt says more is not necessarily better when it comes to retirement plans. Offering so many investment options often makes it that much more confusing for plan participants.

Bernhardt Wealth Management Once Again Recognized As a Top Investment Advisor

Yahoo!Finance (08/10/2015)
Bernhardt Wealth Management has once again been named to Financial Advisor magazine’s 2015 Top RIA Rankings. each of the firm’s three wealth managers were also recognized as a Five Star Wealth Management Professional by Modern Luxury Magazine.

Advisers should recharge selves, not phones, in summer

Reuters (06/19/2015)
Gordon Bernhardt shares with Reuters the benefits he gained from spending days hiking the Grand Canyon completely unplugged from any kind of mobile or internet service, an experience he believes everyone can benefit from these days.

Adviser Writes CEO Profiles

Wall Street Journal (04/03/2015)
Gordon Bernhardt was profiled by the Wall Street Journal for his unique way of connecting like-minded business leaders in the D.C. community. He has interviewed more than 400 people and now is finishing up the ninth volume in his series of books.

3 citizen-blogger attendees at TD Ameritrade National LINC offer their ground-level views

RIABiz (02/04/2015)
Gordon Bernhardt was asked to write a review of keynote presentation by Peter Diamandis, the founder and chairman of the XPRIZE Foundation, co-founder and chairman of Singularity University, co-author of the New York Times bestseller “Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think,” and the founder or co-founder of several other companies.

Timothy Koehl Becomes Partner at Bernhardt Wealth Management

Washington Business Journal (01/28/2015)
As partner, Tim Koehl will have ownership in the company and be involved in all aspects of the business including development and execution of strategic initiatives, new business and staffing while continuing to serve clients.

Celebration of Success: Local Wealth Manager Applauds Area Business Professionals

Yahoo!Finance (11/28/2014)
Bernhardt Wealth Management recently hosted Celebration of Profiles in Success. Nearly 200 of the area’s most successful entrepreneurs and executives gathered for the inaugural event in acknowledgement for the professional gifts they share with future business leaders.

Top Money Advisers 2014: Fee-Only Financial Planners

Washingtonian (12/01/2014)
In a special recognition appearing in the November 2014 issue of Washingtonian magazine, Gordon Bernhardt is listed among the 2014 Top Fee-Only Financial Planners in the Washington D.C. area.

Bernhardt Wealth Management Recognized by Northern Virginia Magazine

Northern Virginia Magazine (09/10/2014)
Gordon Bernhardt and Tim Koehl of Bernhardt Wealth Management, have both been named to Northern Virginia Magazine’s Top Financial Professionals List for 2014. The advisors were selected after being nominated by their industry peers.

Solon Vlasto Joins Bernhardt Wealth Management

Washington Business Journal (09/08/2014)
New Senior Financial Advisor, Solon Vlasto will be delivering unbiased advice in all aspects of wealth management, including investment management, retirement planning, tax planning, college saving, estate planning and other complex financial issues.

How to Plan for a Divorce

Wall Street Journal (09/06/2014)
Solon Vlasto discusses important financial considerations before filing for divorce.

Quick, Simple Guide to Year-End Tax Essentials

Main Street (12/23/2013)
Gordon Bernhardt shares year-end tax planning tips to help hold on to your hard-earned dollars.

Top CPAs offer insights into their accounting fields

Virginia Business (10/30/2013)
Gordon Bernhardt, CPA, PFS, CFP®, AIF®, has been identified as a 2013 Virginia “Super CPA” in the personal financial planning category by Virginia Business magazine.

401(k) vs. Roth IRA: The Ultimate Challenge

Main Street (10/25/2013)
Gordon Bernhardt advises Gen-X and -Y professionals to fund their employer-sponsored plan before they fund a Roth IRA in order to take advantage of the employer match.

How to Juggle Multiple Retirement Accounts

Wall Street Journal (8/02/2013) | MarketWatch (8/07/2013)
“While each investor’s situation will vary, investments that generate a lot of income that would be taxable at ordinary-income rates are a good fit for tax-sheltered accounts.” explains Gordon Bernhardt.

What to Do When Your Fund Closes

Wall Street Journal (7/05/2013)
Gordon Bernhardt suggested that investors need to make sure they understand the strategy and investment objectives when funds are merged together to create a new fund.

2013 Top RIA Ranking

Financial Advisor (7/03/2013)
Bernhardt Wealth Management was once again named to Financial Advisor magazine’s list of Top Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs). This national survey ranks RIAs by total assets under management.

Should I Pay Off the Mortgage?

Wall Street Journal (5/25/2013)
Gordon Bernhardt is quoted sharing his perspective about paying off a mortgage.

Working with Entrepreneurs: Be Patient

Financial Planning magazine (2/26/2013)
Gordon Bernhardt is featured in this article about serving the financial management needs of business owners.

A Steeper Tax Landscape

Research magazine (2/22/2013)
Gordon Bernhardt is quoted discussing new strategies for a transformed tax environment.

Clock Ticking

Fox 5 News WTTG (1/02/2013)
Gordon Bernhardt talks about financial planning for the new year after the Fiscal Cliff is resolved.

Three RIA Citizen Journalists File Dispatches from TD Ameritrade Conference

RIABiz (2/6/2013)
Gordon Bernhardt shares his observations of the TD Ameritrade National Conference, including meeting Condi Rice and hearing her speak.

How to Protect Your Aging Parents From Financial Abuse (9/23/2012)
Gordon Bernhardt offered tips for adult children to protect aging parents from financial abuse.

Seven of nation’s 10 most affluent counties are in Washington region

Washington Post (9/20/2012)
Gordon Bernhardt was asked for his thoughts regarding new census numbers indicating the Washington region has emerged from the recession looking even more affluent compared with the rest of the country.

2012 RIA Ranking

Financial Advisor (7/15/2012)
Bernhardt Wealth Management was named to Financial Advisor magazine’s list of Top Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs). This national survey ranks RIAs by total assets under management.

Money Management 101: A Family Business Affair

Voice America Radio (7/12/2012)
Discussing Money Management 101: A Family Business Affair, Gordon Bernhardt helps young adults decipher how best to manage their money.

The Secrets Behind Becoming (and Remaining) an Elite Advisor (6/14/2012)
Sharing his opinions about what makes an advisory firm successful, Gordon Bernhardt described the benefits of being an independent investment advisor providing financial advice without conflict of interest.

Getting a firm handle on emotional intelligence

Investment News (2/04/2012)
In an article discussing the importance of understanding the emotional underpinnings of behavior in order to help clients avoid mistakes, Gordon Bernhardt explained his efforts to adapt his communication style to meet the needs of individual clients.

The Culture of a Connector

Disclosures Magazine (2/1/2012)
An excerpt from Gordon Bernhardt’s book Profiles in Success Volume 1 featuring Chris Helmruth, managing partner at SC&H Group, was published in an industry publication for CPAs.

As Population Ages, Disclosure Forms Become Key

Wall Street Journal (1/26/12)
Advisors need prior approval before sharing any financial information with a client’s family or friends, but as Gordon Bernhardt shares, the ability to do so could be necessary in cases of sudden illness, an accident or signs of diminished mental capacity.

Yes, you can dump your bank

CNN Money (1/13/2012)
Gordon Bernhardt suggested a brokerage cash-management account as a viable alternative to traditional bank checking. Since the firms hope you’ll use money you store to buy investments, they don’t nickel-and-dime the cash accounts.

Gordon Bernhardt Named a 2012 Five Star Wealth Manager Award in D.C. Area

Modern Luxury Magazine (1/01/2012)
The Bernhardt Wealth Management team was honored to be named among a prominent list of well-respected local wealth managers.

The Culture of a Connector (Pages 22-26)

Disclosures Magazine (1/01/2012)
An excerpt from Gordon Bernhardt’s book, “Profiles in Success: Inspiration from Executive Leaders in the Washington D.C. Area Volume 1” was published in this magazine for the Virginia Society of CPAs. Bernhardt tells the story of Chris Helmrath, managing partner at SC&H Group.