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How We Work


We listen generously to discover what you want to accomplish, what keeps you up at night, and what legacy you want to create. Through this process, it will allow us to be your partner and guide you through your journey.

1. Listen to Learn What's Important to You

We spend a great deal of time listening to your story in its entirety; getting to the root of your hopes and dreams. This is a crucial step in developing a Personal Legacy Roadmap that helps you achieve your goals.

2. Understand Your Values, Goals, and Concerns

Your story reveals your motivations and deterrents. We know that someone at your level of success can encounter many complexities, so we want to hear about has you worried. The more we know about you, the better we can guide you through opportunities as well as challenges.

3. Confirm Your Commitment to Your Vision, Values, and Goals

Once you agree that we are all on the same page regarding the future you envision for you and your legacy, we will conduct the proper research, allocate resources, and dedicate our team to helping you achieve your vision.


Each person’s journey is different. We create an investment plan to grow and protect your wealth, and to provide the desired income to do the things you want to do.

1. Plan your Personal Legacy Roadmap

With your vision, values, and goals in mind, we develop an evidence-based investing strategy centered on your desired income generation, risk tolerance, and goals. Following research and analysis, we strategically develop your Personal Legacy Roadmap to help you successfully navigate your journey.

2. Implement your Personal Legacy Roadmap

Following your approval, your dedicated team puts your strategy into action and keeps a close eye on its progress.

3. Monitor Your Personal Legacy Roadmap

We continuously monitor, review and readjust strategies to keep your Personal Legacy Roadmap aligned with your goals.


We are committed to being your trusted advisor along your journey; optimizing the possibilities and navigating the detours. In addition to investment planning, we encompass wealth enhancement, wealth protection, wealth transfer, charitable planning, and a broad range of considerations to fully develop your portfolio and help you achieve a lasting legacy.

1. Review, Reaffirm, and Adjust Goals

We communicate with you throughout the year by sending reports, updates, and key insights, plus ensure you understand where you are along your Personal Legacy Roadmap during progress meetings.

2. Address Obstacles

Along every journey, there are inevitable changes we must address to keep on course. We are there for staying on top of economic news, mitigating the impact of new policy changes or tax laws, and navigating with an empathetic ear any unforeseen personal challenges that life brings your way.

3. Identify and address 

With our vetted network of experts, we can assist you with the right partners to handle the gaps that may arise throughout your life.

supplemental needs

Estate, protection, retirement, education, and more

4. Make adjustments to your Personal Legacy Roadmap

Through discussions with you and your dedicated team, we develop strategies that continue to get you to your destination.

5. Continue to guide you through your journey

As your trusted wealth advisor, you can count on our guidance throughout your journey, freeing you to focus on what matters most to you: your family, your business, and the causes that are important to you.